Founded in1977 by Réal and Diane Caron, La Maison de la pomme inc. is one of the most important buisness involved in producing, packaging and transforming apples in Québec. Over the years, many family members have joined the team, favoring therefore a very strong sense of ownership. A major employer in the Brome-Missisquoi area, La Maison de la pomme went from 20 employees in 1977 to 100 employees in 2010, not counting the 150 seasonal workers that harvest the apples between August and November. Since its beginning, the family buisness went through many changes and phases of expansion in order to adapt the new market demands and keep its position of leader in the industry.

The dynamic team of La Maison de la pomme has establised a wide network of contact over the years and therefore been able to acquire a very diverse clientele. Whether they are from the major food distributors, the educational milieu, or even the restaurant sector, the company is always proud to meet its clients'needs.

Our experience, combined to our pioneering savoir-faire in the fields of apple production, transformation, and packaging, enables us to offer our customers a truly superior apple.


Our mission is to maintain our status of leader in the apple production industry while maintaining the highest standards of quality so our consumers can have a year-long access to their favourite fruit, any which way they like it.


La Maison de la pomme collaborates with 20 other producers, all seeking to produce the best quality fruits. They maintain the same quality standards as we do and this partnership enables us to offer the best fruits, year round.

La Maison de la pomme is able to keep up the highest demands by owning 600 acres of orchard production and having access to the apples produced on the 1000 acres belonging to its partners. To achieve such a grand production, we have always invested in research and development and the renewal of our orchards. This is how, with the help of precious orchard managers, we have replanted some 60 000 apple trees since 2006.

With over 153 000 trees producing apples such as Cortland, McIntosh, Gala, Honey Crisp, Spartan, Ginger Gold, Paulared, Empire, Melba, Lodi, Lobo, Vista Bella, Jerseymac, Red Cort, you will surely find one you like.